The Camber Compensation & Anti-Roll Suspension System

Our patented Camber Compensation & Anti-Roll suspension system is designed to maximise the tyre-to-road contact patch (and therefore grip) by ensuring that each wheel is kept perpendicular to the road surface at all times – whether accelerating, braking, cornering or in any combination.

In addition to maximising grip, the system: -

  • Minimises roll (through the action of the links and the system's naturally high roll centre – no need for anti-roll bars)
  • Quickens steering response
  • Allows the use of softer springing
  • Delivers exceptional figures for lateral scrub and jacking
  • Extracts the full performance potential from each tyre (by ensuring that the tread is always used in uniform shear)
  • Ensures even tyre wear and temperature distribution
  • Provides unparalleled levels of composure and predictability

Advantages of CC & AR

  1. Flat tyre-to-road contact.
    Whether cornering, accelerating, braking or in any combination, the CC&AR system ensures the maximum tyre-to-road contact patch and therefore maximum grip.
  2. Control of body roll.
    Anti-roll bars are not normally a requirement for CC&AR equipped vehicles due to the system's inherently high roll centre and ability, via the cross-links, to utilise the forces generated during cornering to counter roll. (It is worth noting that the CC&AR system's high roll centre is achieved without incurring the normal 'jacking' that affects conventional independent suspensions.)
  3. Two other major advantages are made possible by the CC&AR system's inherently high roll centre.
  • Softer springing.
    The first is that it allows the use of softer springs with benefits to both ride comfort and grip
  • Quick steering response.
    The second is that it provides a quicker steering response resulting from a greater proportion of the cornering forces acting through the suspension arms, rather than through the dampers.
  • Exceptional Composure and Predictability.
    Unless conventional independent suspension systems are stiffened to the point where they cease to provide any suspension movement at all, they experience camber changes with every attitude change of the car. Under such changes, the nucleus of the tyre-to-road contact patch is constantly being moved back and forth across the tyre, shifting from one level of heat & friction to another, to the obvious detriment of grip and predictability.
    In a CC&AR equipped car, the tyre-to-road contact patch is always maintained at the optimum making much more effective and uniform use of the tyre. The result is that changes in heat & friction levels occur much more slowly and the car remains uncannily predictable and composed – even at (and beyond!) the limits of grip.
  • Other factors: 
  • Simple, low-cost design
  • Intrinsically low friction – absolutely no detrimental effect on ride comfort
  • Compact design – easily packaged
  • Excellent NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) characteristics

As you may know, the CC&AR system has proved notably successful in a number of applications on both road and track. Empiric experience has revealed no vices and the system's rare combination of race-car levels of grip and totally compliant ride, first offered with the DAX Rush, are now being made available with its stable mate, the DAX Tojeiro.